Our philosophy is simple, we put our hens’ welfare first at all times by ensuring the highest standards of hygiene and care.
We make sure they have plenty freedom and space to roam so they are happy free-range hens.

Gordon has studied hen welfare across the world and this means he really knows best practices and modern techniques. Like for example the use of probiotics to promote good health for his entire flock.

Our Free-range Organic eggs

Like all our hens, our flock are truly free range but in addition to gain organic certification, they are not given antibiotics and they are fed the finest non-GM, organic feed free from pesticides and other agri-chemicals.

Our Free-range eggs

We have both traditional brown and also our distinctive white shelled free-range eggs. Why are they white? Simply because our white hens lay white eggs just as wholesome and delicious as our brown eggs. Not only that our white eggs have stronger shells and bigger yolks, making them the perfect choice for cooks and bakers.

Find out how to buy our eggs or call Gordon on 07919 443336.

Free Range Eggs Lower Mill of Tynet Farm

Lower Mill of Tynet Farm is run by Gordon Whiteford, his wife June and young Alexander. Through a passion for animal welfare and the environment, Gordon is pioneering new techniques which are good for the planet but also result in higher quality produce.


Lower Mill of Tynet Farm Organic Free Range Eggs

T: 07919 443336
E: info@lowermilloftynet.co.uk

Lower Mill of Tynet Farm,
Lower Mill of Tynet,
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